Rocket Experiment for Neutral Upwelling 2

NASA Mission 52.002

RENU 2 Logo

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Marc Lessard, UNH


Dr. James Clemmons, Aerospace
Dr. James Hecht, Aerospace
Dr. Dave Hysell, Cornell University
Dr. Kristina Lynch, Dartmouth College
Dr. Geoff Crowley, ASTRA


Dr. Antonius Otto, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Dr. Kjellmar Oksavik, University of Bergen
Dr. Jøran Moen, University of Oslo
Dr. Fred Sigernes, UNIS & KHO
Dr. Tim Yeoman, University of Leicester

Mission Overview

RENU 2 will be launched in December 2015 from the Andøya Rocket Range and will transit the magnetospheric cusp region during a neutral upwelling event. The Black Brant XII-A rocket is equipped with a suite of instruments that will build on previous observations of neutral upwelling in the thermosphere. The mission will acquire new types of data to provide a fresh perspective on this problem. Successful data acquisition will provide fundamental information, essential for the advancement of our understanding of upwelling in the cusp region.

Upwelling in the cusp

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