RENU Field Campaign Related Links

Most important, needed for the launch call:

  • ACE solar wind data.
  • ACE solar wind data that also shows By, needed for cusp location
  • U. Oslo allsky camera, including keograms.
  • GOES magnetic fields, to monitor substorm activity and to provide information     about auroral oval.
  • SuperDARN realtime convection.
  • Background information - long term trends, etc:

  • Images of the sun from Solar Dynamics Observatory.
  • "Condegrams", showing activity over the last solar rotation.
  • EISCAT data from previous 24 hours.
  • Spaceweather! Informative, interesting and very cool.
  • A guide to spaceweather by Meghan Mella.
  • Other:

  • Kjell Henriksen Observatory - Provides lots of ground based data from     Longyearbyen.
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