Here are some video and audio samples of what we're all about. All links open a new window.

  • Meteorologist Chad Myers explains the motivation for launching sounding rockets into the aurora following the MICA mission: Video - Outside link to cnn [dot] com.

  • MSNBC reporter Michelle Kosinski reports on the increase in auroral activity, and how missions like MICA help to study it, as the sun moves into a period of increased activity: Video - Outside link to msnbc [dot] com.

  • If you want a good summary of what life as a research physicist is like, you can listen to this: Audio - Outside link to sandraboynton [dot] com.

  • Marc Lessard explains why the sky is not falling, or at least why it wasn't when the NASA Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite returned to Earth. Video - Outside link to WMUR [dot] com.

  • Hear The Answer: Marc Lessard explains the usefulness of automated observatories in the Antarctic. Audio - Outside link to heartheanswer [dot] com.

  • On the road to KHO. During the RENU mission, graduate student Allison Jaynes put together a video showing a typical drive to Kjell Henriksen Observatory. Video

  • A synopsis of the RENU mission featuring Marc Lessard, put together by the folks at Andøya Rocket Range: Video