Electron Plasma (EPLAS) Detector

The Electron PLASma Instrument (EPLAS) is a tophat electrostatic analyzer designed to measure electrons (in particular, 2D electron distributions) from 5 eV to 14.6 keV and has a 360-degree field-of-view with a 10-degree pitch angle resolution. The energy steps are logarithmic, with each step having a 1ms dwell time.

EPLAS has successfully been flown on over 13 previous missions, including SERSIO (35.035), SCIFER2 (40.021), ROPA (40.020), CASCADES (40.017), MICA (36.273), RENU2 (52.002), KiNET-X (52.007), CREX-2 (52.006), and LAMP (36.351).