STATUS: Today was supposed to be the first day of the launch window, but a problem cropped up while arming the motors. The solution required the removal of the nose cone. The problem was resolved and the nose cone is being reinstalled. Currently, the expectation is that motors will be armed first thing tomorrow morning.

OUTLOOK: The quiet breeze (in the solar wind) is over, having been replaced by a much more potent solar wind. In spite of the fact that we were clouded over here all day, we could easily tell that excellent aurora was lighting up the sky above. Very strong activity has continued throughout the morning. I believe this is coming from an active region on the sun that we have been watching, which has now rotated into a more favorable position. The other good news is that two more active regions have developed overnight, with one of those nearly in the right position to provide more aurora. To tell the truth, though, these regions are both bright, but small.

There is every reason to believe that reasonably active conditions will continue for the next day or two. The weather up here is supposed to be clearing up, too, so we are optimistic as always (being optimistic is sort of a requirement, actually)

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