STATUS: Another exciting day for science, another windy day in Andenes. We never had a chance of being "in" for winds today. Skies were clear in Longyearbyen and in Ny Ålesund. We had moderate aurora early in the day, fairly bright and overhead in Longyearbyen. As the day rolled on, this aurora drifted to the north and never really came back to the south, in spite of our "prediction" that it should do so (we can't get everything right!!). The bottom line is that we were down for winds and not ever close to being able to launch.

OUTLOOK: Tomorrow (Saturday) and the next day should be our best chances for launching, with forecasts for activity reaching the highest levels to date. We also have forecasts for clear skies on Svalbard on these days -- just need a bit of help from Njord to keep the winds calm in Andenes!!

OTHER: Big celebration today, for Fred Sigernes' birthday. We are assuming that we know what he wished for (a fireworks display!!!) but could not manage to pull it off.

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